William and Kate

I'm a 16 years old girl from Brazil. I love the royal family so much that I decided to create a blog about them haha Feel free to follow me and talk to me, I'd love to make new friends!!





Obviously all these people are here to meet me, not you two.  

I LOVE THEIR PARENTING STYLE! They bring Estelle out and she sees for herself how to be in the world and meet people. This early education will serve her incalculably well! Look, she has watched how her parents greet people and she does it herself. They set the good example and she learns it. It’s beautiful.


i love it too, theyre teaching her with baby steps over her whole life instead of when shes 16 or 18 just throwing her into the deep end of the pool and telling her to figure it out. theyre helping her become social, form good people skills, and ensuring the correct path for when she begins her own royal duties and eventually becomes queen. plus look at all the adorable baby estelle hand shakes and waves we get lol 

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At a school in Wellington, William said to a 17 year old water polo player Conor Flynn, ‘I should’ve packed my Speedos!’ To which Kate retorted: ‘We don’t want to see that!’

—Sebastian van der Zwan for Women’s Day (via royalkatedebate)

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